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WithMetis Markets is an efficient European-based crypto-finance gateway for purchasing and managing crypto-assets.

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WithMetis Markets GUI

Single access gateway

Crypto-asset liquidity aggregation from regulated non-custodial market makers accross global financial hubs.

Market impact elimination

On-demand liquidity for small and large size orders that eliminates any execution risk associated with market volatility.

Low credit risk

WithMetis Markets is a Lithuania-based virtual asset service provider supervised by the Financial Crime Investigation Service.

Build your crypto-assets portfolio

A unified platform with a variety of features that allows for the exchange and management of crypto-assets with a seamless on/off-ramping experience across the European Economic Area.

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Safety, security and compliance

When it comes to crypto-assets, there is no room for compromise. WithMetis Markets prioritizes your security and privacy.

Safeguarding of fiat funds

Funds are held separately from our own, safeguarded and protected.

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Secure transaction routing

Crypto-assets are securely routed through SOC 2 insured cold wallets.

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Real-time compliance

Automated and continuous Anti-money laundering monitoring.

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Establish a legal connection with us by completing the KYC processes and agreements.



We will set your trading limits based on your financial strength.


Trading & Settlement

Start buying once whitelisting wallets and setting up an automated post-trade settlement is complete.